Thursday, June 16, 2011

So much for the great romance: Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton are all lovey-dovey... but then go home separately

By Marcus Barnes

So happy together: Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton keep a firm grip on one another after leaving the infamous Box nightclub in London's Soho

If it really is a 'showmance' as some observers are claiming, then Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton are certainly dedicated to the cause.

Just a week after a very public display of affection at the launch of the DVD version of Mark Wahlberg film The Fighter the couple were again trying to convince everyone that they are indeed together.

Alex, 35, and his new girlfriend, 27, hit the town for a night out at the notorious Box club in London's Soho district.

Is it love?: The couple stroll along Brewer Street in the west end following their night out at the exclusive club

Katie Price's cagefighter ex kept a firm grip on Chantelle's hand as they strolled down Brewer Street after leaving the exclusive live sex club.

However, the pair made their way home separately.

Miss Houghton, who won Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, had a huge grin on her face as they made their way to separate cars.

She wore the same white blazer jacket she'd sported last week, with a pair of black leggings and a beige vest top over a black top. Chantelle completed the outfit with a large beige bag.

Time for us to get home: Alex looks at his watch as the couple make their way back to their waiting cars

Meanwhile Alex kept it casual in a simple white v-neck pullover and jeans, coupled with a pair of white trainers.

Earlier in the night, the couple went to the cinema with Alex taking to his Twitter page to let the world know what they were up to.

He wrote: 'At cinema with Miss Houghton and ninja Pete. Very romantic,haha,even managed 2 get her 2 watch super hero film! X'

Showmance or romance?: Earlier in the night Alex tweeted to let everyone know the duo were at the cinema

The duo have been accused of putting on a 'showmance' - a mock relationship used to boost one's profile.

However, they seem intent to disprove this theory, appearing at The Fighter DVD launch last week where they kissed and held hands in full view of everyone.

This is despite Alex being seen cosying up to a glamour at the launch of the Playboy Club recently, and spending evenings out with other women - including former page 3 girl Nicola T.

In the driving seat: Chantelle makes her way home after spending another evening with Alex Reid

Home to rest: Alex Reid and his bodyguard also leave Soho after their night out

It's not the first time Chantelle has been linked with one of Katie Price's ex-husbands - she was previously rumoured to be seeing Peter Andre.

According to reports, Price has been angered by the new relationship.

Despite her rep's insistence that she wishes the new couple well, a source claimed in Now magazine: 'Katie dislikes her with a passion.

'People think it goes back two years to when Chantelle was signed to the same management as Pete and at that time, the pair were regularly spotted out and about.'

Sealed with a kiss: The couple put on a very public display of affection at the launch of The Fighter on DVD last week

Other ladies: Alex Reid leaves his hotel with his arm around a female companion and spends an evening with Nicola T

Another friend added: 'In fact, she says Chantelle's welcome to her sloppy seconds as she thinks he's just a fame- hungry loser.'

Alex and Chantelle were recently seen enjoying a luxury spa break at the five-star spa The Grove in Hertfordshire where they apparently 'got to know each other better.'

A friend of the cagefighter apparently claimed in new! magazine: 'No one knew they were disappearing off to the country.

Divorce: Chantelle split with her ex-husband Samuel Preston four years ago

Separated: Alex and his former wife Katie Price are in the process of divorcing from one another

'It was all very Bridget Jones’ Diary. They spent the weekend in their dressing gowns, and let’s just say they made the most of their hotel room!'

The pair have been romantically linked since they were spotted kissing at an awards show in Scotland in May, before apparently going to Reid's hotel room afterwards.

An onlooker said: 'They just could not keep their hands off each other. Alex was pawing at her and she was enjoying every minute of it.

'He bit playfully at her bottom and grabbed her face before they began kissing.'

It's rumoured that the pair were seen looking intimate with each other at a party in April, just two days before Houghton was seen having a blazing row with former boyfriend Rav Wilding in a west London park.

The 33-year-old Crimewatch star dumped her immediately afterwards.

While Reid is in the process of divorcing estranged wife Katie Price, Houghton has been divorced from ex-husband Samuel Preston for four years.


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