Monday, September 12, 2011

Beyonce Debuts Bikini Body in pregnancy

On Saturday, Beyonce showed fans exactly what a mother to think you can expect it to be what she left New York with her husband Jay-Z wears a small pair of leather shorts.
Beyonce is to put all enemies of sleep that actually thought he was pretending she was pregnant. Or to be more precise - pretended it was advanced in her first pregnancy. Bey and Jay were smiling parents to be at the VMA 2011, when Beyoncé proudly back of her dress to show her belly punch - but it was a prosthetic? Many have speculated that Beyonce is in her fourth month of the new images suggest, however, Beyonce is just in its first quarter.
The long weekend was seen Beyonce with Jay-Z in Venice. More recently, Bey was spotted in a bikini showing her belly little belly. See more photos of a pregnant woman in a bikini Beyonce - Can you guess how far along are you?
Beyonce Knowles was a bikini yesterday while inspecting the sea of ​​Hvar, in Croatia with her husband Jay-Z! And 'the last leg of their sailing holiday, which saw their first visit to Venice, where Beyoncé and Jay-Z welcomed the PAL Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated on board a B-30 years.
Beyonce wowed the world when she revealed her pregnant belly for his performance during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (and when he walked the red carpet event), but now the word is out, the singer is showing off a baby bump eyes of all.
Beyonce, who just celebrated his birthday on September 4. A holiday was spotted with her husband Jay-Z, 41, Croatia, wearing a white bikini and accessories chain belly, put to rest rumors that she faked her bump under the VMA. There is certainly no doubt that she and Jay-Z looks when she unveiled her stomach more and more white in its two parts.
Beyonce, going to be someone who puts the clothes without mask for his hit baby.

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