Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gwynnie would never lie to me.

*things are a little out of order today.  blogger is not cooperating with my wishlist wednesday post, but I'll try to get that posted tomorrow :) *

I had heard about Tracy Anderson's workouts on TV shows & read about them here in the blog world for awhile, but was skeptical I was capable of doing the strenuous workouts on a consistent basis.  A few weeks ago, Gilt Group did a sale for her Perfect Design Series DVD's and I finally bit the bullet.  

I figured, if they gave me any kind of muscle or made me even slightly as pretty as Gwyneth Paltrow, what did I have to lose? 

I have been doing the DVD's for just over two weeks, and I am SO happy that I bought them.  The first couple of days were hard and I'm sure I looked like an absolute fool doing the moves in my living room but I felt great.  Normally I get extremely sore from doing anything but the elliptical.  I'm talking so sore that I have to use my hands to help me sit down... embarrassingly sore.  But with these, I was sore ALL over but in a way that actually felt good.  And by week two, I wasn't getting sore at all. 

Now, I don't think I will ever look anything like her or Gwyn... but I am happy that I am gaining some muscle and shrinking my problem areas. My stomach is definitely flatter and my bubble butt is slowly shrinking. I also like that I can switch around the DVD's for some variety.  Plus, it's great not having to go to the gym - it makes it much easier to keep up with the workouts.

I would highly recommend ordering these, it is unlike any other workout or DVD I have ever done.  Maybe once I get bored with these I'll try her newer Metamorphosis series as well?! 

One thing I wouldn't recommend as much: The Dance Cardio DVD.  I was a cheerleader back in the day so I was hoping for longer, more fun cardio-dances....  However, the dances are silly, I feel like an idiot leaping all around the living room, and I would rather use the treadmill or elliptical for the cardio.  But to each their own.  


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