Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tr-Ashley Cole: Los Angeles can't wait to say goodbye to bad rubbish as footballer leaves rented home like a 'pig sty'

By Georgina Littlejohn

Boys will be boys: But the mess created by Ashley Cole and his footballer mates outside their rented home in LA has angered their neighbours

Just over a week ago he was snapped being the dutiful tenant as he took out the rubbish.

But it would seem that Ashley Cole has more than outstayed his welcome as far as the neighbours are concerned anyway.

The Chelsea star has reportedly angered his local community for turning the affluent Beverly Hills street into a 'pig sty'.

The footballer has ordered so much takeaway food for him and his friends that the bins outside his £18,500 a week rented mansion are overflowing.

Of course, it doesn't say much for the rubbish collectors in the district, who haven't been keeping on top of collecting the trash.

But it could also be that Cole and his friends have just ordered so much food that there are just not enough bins for all their rubbish.

Doing his bit: Ashley was snapped taking out the trash last week...

... but there wasn't enough bins for the amount of rubbish he and his friends were throwing away

The wheely bins ate overflowing with dirty paper plates, empty popcorn bags and torn and screwed up McDonalds bags.

Whatever the reason, the neighbours are said to be furious and one, who asked not to be name, said: 'It's awful, it stinks.

'It's like they've turned this nice, quiet, clean and respected street into a pig sty. It's utterly disgusting.'

Adding to the waste: Ashley has been snapped a couple of times bringing takeaway food back to the house

Ashley, 30, has been in Los Angeles for two weeks and has been staying at the mansion on a lads' holiday.

Fellow footballers Manchester City stars Shaun Wright Phillips and Wayne Bridge and Bolton Wanderers defender Zat Knight.

They have been staying at the six-bedroom mansion in the Hollywood Hills, which is reported to be worth $7million.

More doggies bags to come? Ashley and Shaun Wright Phillips headed out to the Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills

It sprawls across 10,000 square feet and all bedrooms are en suite.

It also boasts a swimming pool, a spacious dining room and kitchen and a home cinema.

Ashley jetted out to LA after reportedly spending the night with ex-wife Cheryl Cole, as she kept a low profile following her humiliating sacking from the X Factor USA.

Bachelor pad: This is the £18,500 dollars a month LA mansion that Ashley and his friends have been staying in

Spacious: The back garden boasts sun loungers, an area to relax and a swimming pool

But although reports have said that Cheryl's family, especially her mother Joan, are begging her not to get back with him, Ashley is said to be confident that he and the Girls Aloud star will reconcile.

According to one report today, he is so convinced that he is buying her a chihuahua for her 28th birthday next Thursday.

They are a favourite breed of Cheryl's who already owns two of the minature dogs, Coco and Buster.

Downtime: The spacious living room where Ashley and the lads have been hanging out

Hanging out: Ashley posed for a picture with Wright Phillips and a friend in the mansion's kitchen

Ashley is believed to have contacted a breeder to inquire about a six-week-old puppy and also said to be planning a holiday for the two of them.

A family friend told the Sun: 'He now knows he's well in and has called a breeder.

'He also wants Cheryl to go away with him in total privacy so he can convince her they've a future as a couple. He expects her to agree.'

Romantic mission: Ashley wants to win back ex-wife Cheryl Cole and is believed to be buying her a new chihuahua and taking her away on a private holiday


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