Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She's baaaack.

We haven't heard from Heidi Montag (or her obnoxious other half Spencer Pratt, Praise Jesus) in quite some time.

Well.... she's back.  This weekend she hosted a pool party at Wet Republic in Vegas.  

Apparently she worked out for 14 hours a day leading up to her hosting gig.  WTF??? 

By her side was Hef's recent ex-fiance, who attended the party on her would be wedding day.  Classy

Don't worry too much about Mr. Hefner.  He, OF COURSE, already has another twelve year old blonde by his side.  Yep.  The same week as a marriage is called off, Miss January is already in the mansion and knocking boots. Lovely. No wonder people hate Americans. 

out with the old (right blonde) and in with the new (left blonde)

In other reality TV news, two fellow Bachelor & Bachelorette contestants got engaged! 

Chris was the so-so-sweet runner up from Cape Cod on Ali's season who had lost his mom a few years earlier, and Peyton always seemed like a normal, nice girl on her season and on Bachelor Pad. 

A more shocking proposal: after only three months of dating, Nikki Reid and American Idol's Paul McDonald are engaged.

3 months??? Seriously people???
"They are just so happy and in love."
No crap... it's been 3 months...what is there not to like at that point?

Finally, the most shocking disgusting wedding news of the week:
51 year old Green Mile star Doug Hutchinson (I had no idea who he was to be honest) married 16 year old "aspiring" country singer Courtney Alexis Stadden over the weekend in, where else, Vegas.
this ridiculous picture says it all.

They say "love is ageless".  No. No it's not.
Seriously, what is wrong with people? And where the hell are her parents?
And since when do 16 year olds look like that??? At least she looks legal.

Happy Tuesday :) 

*photos via people.com, socialitelife.com, eonline.com

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