Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The OW!-nly way is Essex: Never mind rings - Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope get his'n'hers nose jobs before 'engagement'

By Jody Thompson

BOGOF? The Only Way Is Essex stars Lauren Pope and Kirk Norcross were seen leaving Highgate Hospital in London on Saturday following a joint nose job

Last week, they were spotted looking for rings in London's Hatton Garden - but it seems that TOWIE's Kirk Norcross and Lauren Pope have plumped for something even more permanent to mark what is rumoured to be their imminent engagement.

The reality TV stars have gone under the knife at the same time for matching nose jobs - and were seen looking bruised and sore leaving the London hospital where they had it done at the weekend.

The sweethearts, who are already proud parents to a bulldog puppy, clearly want things to be perfect in every way before they announce their betrothal - even down to their facial features.

Glamour model-turned-DJ Lauren, 27, was looking less than glamorous as she left the London clinic with her face bruised and swollen.

She was wearing a dress by AX Paris with a pair of short Ugg boots and a leather jacket as she left the medical centre.

She was followed by club manager Kirk, 23, who like his girlfriend, had black eyes, splints, casts, plasters and heavy nasal padding.

They were also both clutching bags of prescription painkillers to combat sore schnozzes.

His 'n' hers: Lauren, left, and Kirk, right, both had their noses broken as part of the operation and have been left looking battered and bruised

Lauren had hinted that she was up to something on her Twitter page at the end of last week.

She wrote: 'Been a long old day and still got a photoshoot to do, excited to crawl in bed ready for a big day tomorrow. Eeeeek scary...will fill you in asap xx.'

The couple had an overnight stay at the private Highgate Hospital to recover from the operation before being discharged on Saturday.

Since then they have been keeping themselves hidden away inside until the bruising goes down

Lauren wrote on her Twitter yesterday: 'Moornin all! So another day indoors for me n Kirk...on the agenda today is baking cakes, will tweet some pics when there done!'

Nosing out a bargain: The couple were spotted looking at rings last week in London's Hatton Garden - the UK centre for wedding and engagement rings

Loved up: The pair were spotted kissing during their shopping trip

She added: 'Yep we're ok, just a bit bruised and bored already! Lol. Its only a week recovery so ill be back in action by fri x'

Lauren also revealed that the operation had not been a mere bit of bone shaving either.

She wrote, rather gruesomely: 'only slight black eyes tho, the surgeon must of been very gentle with us cos we both had em broken! xx'

However, the burgeoning hair extensions entrepreneur insisted: 'I just had a bump removed that i didnt like..nowt major! xxx'

Love me love my nose: The pair went for a consultation about their operations during their day out looking at rings - and not much looked wrong with either of their hooters

Kirk apparently had his nose reset after having had it broken in a fight.

He doesn't sound like he's being a model patient either, writing on his Twitter account last night: 'Chilling out eating junk food and watching DVDs I can see myself getting a bit fat soon!

'Can't wait to get this cast off my face x'

Considering they still have to fork out for engagement rings, their his and hers nosejobs weren't exactly cheap - unless they persuaded the clinic into a 'buy one, get one free' bargain.

According to the hospital's website, the rhinoplasty operations by Make Yourself Amazing cosmetic surgery cost £3,750 each.


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