Monday, June 20, 2011

Now, about that stag do... Royal bride-to-be tackles her rugby star fiance

By Daily Mail Reporter

Soon-to-be-wed: Zara and Mike's shows of affection are in stark contrast to how Kate and William act in public

Zara's hen weekend clearly wasn't quite as debauched as her fiance's stag do - or she's very good at hiding a hangover.

While we imagine Mike Tindall struggled to get out of bed after clocking up a £12,000 bar tab in Miami, she headed off to a charity polo match as soon as she got back from her own boozy weekend in Portugal.

And the equestrian looked like she was still giving her future husband a tongue-in-cheek bad time about his weekend.

Fairy tale: Mike and Zara are both world-class sportspeople. He captains the England rugby team and she is a top equestrian

She tackled the rugby star to the ground - but gave him a kiss and helped him back onto his feet showing that all has been more than forgiven.

The show of affection is in stark contrast to how Kate and William act in public.

While they are also very much in love, they demonstrate this by gazing fondly at each other, with William occasionally placing a hand loosely on his wife's lower-back.

Zara and Mike have always been more physical, giving each other big bear hugs, tackling each other to the ground and lifting each other off the floor - always with big grins on their faces.

Who wears the trousers? Zara gives her fiance a tongue-in-cheek hard time - possibly comparing her hen do to his stag do

Helping hand: Zara showed there really were no hard feelings when she pulled Mike back onto his feet

The sporty couple both had refreshingly normal - if unusually expensive - stag and hen dos.

Mike was pictured downing beer and wine in a succession of silly outfits on the beach in Miami before clocking up a $20,000 bill at fashionable LIV nightclub that included $3,303 of service charge and a $1,000 tip.

Zara, also showed her fun side in Portugal. She wore a pink tutu and wig, and downed sangria while playing drinking games with 19 of her closest friends.

Bear hug: Mike grins as he wraps his arms around his wife-to-be

Moving on up: The loved-up pair are getting married in Edinburgh on 30 July

While Zara's bar bills were more modest, the 13th in line to the throne was staying in the exclusive CampoReal Golf Resort and Spa on the Silver Coast where she is having a £590,000 holiday home built.

The couple are expected to head back to the same area for their honeymoon which is taking place three months after their July 30 wedding so Mike does not miss any of the rugby season.

We're guessing Mike got a tackle (and a kiss) for making her wait for a post-wedding holiday too.


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