Thursday, June 16, 2011

Muchas Gracias

I woke up this morning, and upon hearing about Weiner's resignation, was going to throw a few witty comments out there.  With a name like Weiner... it's just too easy.  
 that's one sad wiener.

But then I realized, that's not what thousands a dozen of you want to read here at Little Things!! We talk about much more important matters here than politics and scandals!!

We discuss the real, hard hitting issues.  Like Million Dollar Decorators.

If you haven't watched this weeks episode yet, the ever delicious Martyn heads to Mexico to help the certifiably insane Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis.  He needs to get his multi-million dollar party palace whipped back into shape for his upcoming wedding. Whoever is marrying Joe, good luck lady.  He is OUT OF CONTROL.  One of the biggest *#@!*$* I have ever witnessed.  Screaming uncontrollably at his poor staff about the tiniest things ever while sweating profusely.

Joe is the best example of Little Man Syndrome I have ever witnessed.
 I make up for my bad looks & short stature by screaming at people.

Anyways, I always like when life lessons can come from the most unexpected places, aka the best place, Bravo! From episode one, Martyn has been so kind to every single person he comes into contact with: always saying please & thank you to the painters and to the contractors.  Maybe it's the southern girl in me, but nothing makes me more mad than people who are rude and thankless - never holding doors, never saying thank you to the waiters and bus boys.  Ladies: judge a man not only by how they treat their mothers, but how they treat strangers and bus boys.  Truest sign of character ever.

Martyn lands in Mexico, hops in the car, and immediately asks the driver his name.  He arrives at the mansion, and after getting Joe Schmo back in his cage, speaks kindly to the staff and says Thank You and Muchas Gracias to every single one of them.  

My dear Martyn: You can say delicious when describing things that aren't edible as much as you want, because at least you are a kind man who realizes you are only as good as how you treat people. 

Sorry for the preachy post, but this week has been filled with far too many Joe Francis's for me and not enough Martyn's.

p.s. how the HELL does Girls Gone Wild make someone THAT much money??? 


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