Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lily Allen's kebabs for 300 at her wild wedding that lasts until 8am

Generous: Pregnant Lily served up the kebabs as her friends drank and partied until dawn

Lily Allen followed up a sedate tea party for close family after her wedding with a wild bash for 300 friends that lasted till 8am.

The Smile singer, who is 17 weeks pregnant, drank just two glasses of champagne during the festivities then handed out kebabs to revellers at 3am, saying: ‘Everyone’s hammered, have a kebab.’

Lily, 26, also gave groom Sam Cooper a jukebox containing some of her love songs as a wedding gift.

The bash was held in Lily’s garden after she married builder Sam at St James the Great church, in Cranham, Gloucestershire, last Saturday.

There was a red phone box full of beer, a Pimms stand, a cupcake stall and a hog roast.

‘Lily said there would be a treat for the “grown-ups” later in the evening,’ said a guest, ‘and it was daylight before we stopped dancing.’

Romantic: The singer gave her new husband a jukebox containing love songs as a wedding present

The guest added: ‘There was a short fireworks display. Then Lily’s father, the actor Keith Allen, sang rather badly. But that was revealed to be all a big joke and then a real fireworks display began. The real singers, Lil’ Band O’ Gold, played twice.’
Lily lost a baby in November and Sam revealed her pregnancy in his speech.


Spare a thought for John Cleese. The actor, 71, says he is working so hard to pay his alimony that he barely has time to see his current squeeze, jewellery designer Jennifer Wade, 31 years his junior.

The Monty Python star, who was ordered to pay his third ex-wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger £12.5 million, told me he and Jennifer have been apart for three weeks recently.

Apart: John Cleese and his new girlfriend Jennifer Wade. The Monty Python star has refused to comment on whether the pair might marry

‘She’s in London and I’ve been on tour. We’re together for a couple of days but then I’m back off to the West Country,’

John told me at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower ‘Fabulous at Fifty’ party. He wouldn’t discuss reports they are planning to wed, adding: ‘It matters more to other people than it does to us.’


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are setting up home in Britain next month.

The Hollywood stars and their six children will divide their time between London and Scotland this summer while Brad, 45, films zombie movie World War Z.

Setting up home: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be relocating to Britain while the actor shoots a film here

Originally, producers planned to shoot scenes in San Francisco and Asia but filming will now take place in London and Glasgow.

The film, being made by Brad’s production company, is due to be released in cinemas next year.

source: dailymail

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