Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'I have a fair bit of cellulite but this is the happiest I've ever been with my body': Jennifer Metcalfe opens up about her figure

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Now and then: Jennifer Metcalfe pictured on the beach in Ibiza at the start of this month and in 2008

She has a womanly shape with a curvy derriere and a tiny waist wearing a trim size six to eight.

But like many women, Jennifer Metcalfe suffers from a common body issue, cellulite.

The Hollyoaks actress has spoken out about her body after pictures emerged showing some dimpling on her thighs while wearing a bikini on holiday earlier this month.

Speaking to Heat magazine the 28-year-old actress said: ‘I have cellulite, yeah and a fair bit of it. My mum had it and it’s hereditary.’

And she doesn’t let bad lighting or an unflattering photograph get her down, speaking of the photos, taken while she was in Ibiza with Slyvian Longchambon she said: ‘I don’t have it down the back of my knees like that. I don’t actually look like that.’

Soaking up the sunshine: Jennifer, seen with her boyfriend Sylvain Longchambon, loves her tony waist and her bottom, and the ice skater doesn't half mind it too

She added: ‘I’m very realistic. If someone takes a bad picture, I’m like, “Oh God, bad picture move on.”’

The actress who plays Mercedes McQueen in the Chester-based soap, admitted having liposuction on her upper thighs and bottom last year and recently she said: 'I think surgery is a really personal decision that only you can make.

Slim frame: Jennifer showed off her body, which is a size six to eight, in this number at the British Soap Awards last month

If there's something on your body you really don't like, it doesn't matter if your mother doesn't see it or your boyfriend doesn't see it - it's what you feel comfortable with.'

In 2008 the actress sparked worries over her health when she was pictured looking extremely slim while on holiday in Marbella, but says she feels that now is the happiest she has been with her shape.

She said: ‘It is actually, there is nothing I don’t like, to be honest. I feel this is just right.’

‘I feel sexy. I like having a bit butt and a small waist, I think it’s interesting.’

And it isn’t just Jennifer who likes her figure the way it is Slyvian is a fan of her great body: ‘He loves it,’ she admits.


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