Friday, June 17, 2011

Has twinkly-eyed Shane Warne gone under the knife?

By Nadia Mendoza

Now and then: Shane Warne looks dramatically different from his former self

He insists his makeover is down to borrowing his girlfriend's beauty creams - but a top plastic surgeon believes Shane Warne has opted for surgery.

The cricket legend has undergone a dramatic transformation, with significant weight loss and a dramatically preened appearance.

The Australian sportsman, who has been dating Austin Powers actress Elizabeth Hurley since last December, claims his new look is simply down to training hard and experimenting with Liz's various treatments.

However, cosmetic surgeon Dr Shahab Mahdi told the Daily Star: "The difference in Shane's appearance is dramatic.

'In my opinon it looks as though he has had a facelift.'

His army of followers are not convinced either, accusing Shane of having a little help in the anti-ageing department.

Denial: Rajasthan Royals captain Shane Warne celebrates victory with girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley following the IPL Twenty20 match in April

One fan turned to Twitter, saying: 'He looks like a waxwork, all plucked and sculptured.'

Another blogger from the social networking site wrote: 'How much surgery has shane warne had? Lol, the male version of jordan!'

The 41-year-old bowler defended himself, retaliating with: 'Questions re faclift/ Botox etc are absolute rubbish.'

Has he or hasn't he: Sportsman sparks speculation he has gone under the knife

Perhaps dodging scandals have taken their toll and brought on early wrinkles, with Warne's private life subject to scrutiny in the media spotlight.

In 2000, he was stripped of the Australian vice-captaincy after bombarding a British nurse with erotic text messages.

He was also publicly embarrassed after some teenage boys took a photo of him smoking, despite having accepted a sponsorship of a nicotine patch company in return for quitting smoking.

Another blow came in 2005, when he was accused of extramarital affairs just as Australia began its tour of England in preparation for The Ashes.

In June of that year, Warne and his wife Simone Callahan announced that they had decided to separate.

Whatever his methods, it is obvious Shane is attempting to turn back the clocks.
But there is no need to compete with Hugh Grant's former girlfriend, as Liz is actually five years older than Shane.

The 46-year-old's divorce from Indian heir Arun Nayar was reportedly finalised on Wednesday so she can now move into Shane's mansion.


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