Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sara Leal Parties Like a Rock Star; Promotes Herself As 'Ready For Sex'

Sara Leal is probably wishing she never slept with Ashton Kutcher...or at least kept her mouth shut about it. Ever since news broke that Leal bagged herself a (married) A-list celeb, her life has been a living hell as the photos that she so proudly posed for are coming back to haunt her.

Sara Leal, a 23-year-old stunner, led a wild lifestyle of partying like a "playboy bunny" in Las Vegas and California among other places. Though she is originally from Texas it appears she was probably more well-known in Sin City for her wild partying and scandalous nights.

According to the Daily Mail, Sara is promoting herself as "ready for sex" by posing topless and wearing a short dress with the words "night access" across the crotch area. It's pretty easy to figure out what those words mean and any man in the club where Sara and her friends were partying knew that he could take her home if he wanted -- including Ashton Kutcher.

While the party lifestyle may be a fun one, with free booze, entry into clubs and hot guys, Sara Leal seems to pay the price by being promiscuous and now labeled as a homewrecker. Were all the wild nights of debauchery really worth what she is going through now?

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